Evil Feed



Year: 2014
Genre: Action / Gore / Comedy

Cast: Terry Chen (Cabin in the Woods), Laci J Mailey (Arrow)
Directed By: Kimani Ray Smith
Country: Canada
Run Time: 90 mins

Synopsis: The Long Pig Restaurant, known in the underground world for cannibalistic cuisine, has introduced novelty by capturing elite MMA fighters and then serving losers to their bloodthirsty customers. Perfect “Tendertainment!”

Jenna, an aspiring stunt girl, is violently kidnapped with her friends by Triads and wakes up in the Long Pig holding cell waiting for her turn to fight in the Pit of Gore. In order to survive, she must fight her way out before being skinned alive and becoming the next main course.


an instant classic” – Ain’t it Cool News

A non-stop action ride. The blood rarely lets up, and the laughs come just as often.” – The Film Reel