Birth of the Living Dead



Year: 2013 | A First Run Features Release, 18th October, 2013
Genre: Documentary

Featuring: George A. Romero • Gale Anne Hurd, Executive Producer, The Walking Dead • Larry Fessenden, Filmmaker (The Last WinterBeneath) • Mark Harris, Author, Pictures at a Revolution • Elvis Mitchell, Film Critic, The New York Times & LA Weekly • Sam Pollard, Emmy-Award Winning Filmmaker • Jason Zinoman, Film Critic & Author of Shock Value • Bill Hinzman, Graveyard Zombie from Night of the Living Dead.
Directed By: Rob Kuhns
Run Time: 75 mins

Synopsis: In 1968 a young college drop-out named George A. Romero directed a low budget horror film that became an icon of the counterculture and spawned a zombie industry worth billions of dollars that continues to this day.

Birth of the Living Dead explores the making of Night of the Living Dead and shows us how this young filmmaker created a world-renowned horror film that was also a profound insight into how our society really works. Archival footage of the horrors of Vietnam and racial violence at home combined with iconic music from the 60s invites viewers to experience how Romero’s tumultuous film reflected this period in American history.  


Rob Kuhns’ marvelous doc about the making of Night of the Living Dead looks at all the ways one low-budget, flesh-eating horror movie changed the world. It’s full of juicy anecdotes that detail how George A. Romero made necessity into the mother of nightmare invention. Grade: A.”  Entertainment Weekly

Filled with lively, candid interview clips with a jaunty Romero, plus smart chats with film critics, authors, filmmakers and others” – LA Times


Audience Award – Wood Hole Film Festival 2013
Winner Documentary – Tallgrass International Film Festival 2012
Winner Documentary – Feratum Film Festival

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