5 Senses of Fear



Year: 2013
Genre: Horror
Country: USA
Run Time: 93 mins

Synopsis: For its first-ever original anthology film, Chiller Films teamed up with six up-and-coming filmmakers to write and direct five short films based on the human senses:

Smell: Nick Everhart (2012 Doomsday)
A depressed man by the name of Seth (Corey Scott Rutledge) is in a job he doesn’t like and his despondence over his recent breakup has caused him to neglect himself. When a mysterious door to door saleslady offers him a cologne that can change everything for him, Seth takes her up on the offer. Her only warning is that he shouldn’t use too much of it. Excited when the cologne starts making him more successful at work and love, Seth is soon horrified when the cologne’s side effects start to work on him.

Sight: Miko Hughes (Directorial Debut; Actor: Pet Semetary, New Nightmare, Steve Niles’ Remains)
Dr. Tom (Ted Yudain), an optometrist is able to see through the eyes of his patients. This is initially fun for him until he discovers that one of his patients is experiencing domestic abuse at the hand of her boyfriend. Tom tries to intervene by using his ability to cause the boyfriend to experience hellish visions, but this soon backfires.

Touch: Emily Hagins (My Sucky Teen Romance, featured in Zombie Girl: The Movie documentary)
A young blind boy must go search for help after his parents are wounded in a car accident. In his desperation he comes across a killer living in a set of abandoned buildings that has an aversion to being touched.

Taste: Eric England (Madison County, Roadside)
Aaron (Doug Roland), a hacker finds himself in a large corporate building at the bequest of Watershed businesswoman Lacey (Symba Smith), who wants to interview him. He’s offered a lucrative job, but refuses and is instead treated to a deadly encounter.

Hearing: Jesse Holland and Andy Mitton (YellowBrickRoad)
A found footage short follows two men making a movie about Listen, My Children, a song that has the ability to kill. They manage to find footage of a doctor conducting experiments with the song and ultimately end up playing the song for others.

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